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Technology Bond Updates


Technology systems will be increased and replaced district-wide for students, teachers, and staff. We will also upgrade infrastructure, the wireless access system, and provide a districtwide disaster recovery system.

Infrastructure Upgrades

Disaster Recovery


  • Off-site disaster recovery site, infrastructure, and backup hardware.
  • Completed (2/2020)

Storage Area Network (SAN) Upgrade

  • Shared server storage used to host district systems.
  • Completed (2/2020)

Campus Sound System Replacement

  • Replacement of poor quality and failing cafeteria sound systems.
  • Completed (03/2020)

Campus Fiber Upgrades

  • Replace all 1GB fiber runs at each campus with 10GB fiber.
  • In Progress (02/2021)

Network Infrastructure Upgrades

  • Upgrade, tune, and optimize district wireless and switching.
  • In Progress (08/2021)
New Devices

Staff Mobile Devices

  • Provide teachers with laptops for remote and hybrid learning.
  • Completed (8/2020)

Elementary and Middle School Device Expansions

  • Elementary and middle school 1-to-1 devices expansion
  • Completed (9/2020)

Wireless Hotspots*

  • Providing wireless hotspots for student connectivity.
  • Ongoing

District Technology Refresh

  • Replace Laptop Batteries and end-of-life devices.
  • CTE Device
  • Ongoing (Yearly until 2024)

Classroom Cameras*

  • Provide SWIVL cameras for all core classroom teachers for remote and hybrid learning.
  • In Progress (12/2020)

Virtual Machine Replacement (All-in-One Computers)

  • Replacing end-of-life virtual desktops with all-in-one computers.
  • In Progress (12/2020)


  • Auxiliary campus technology for learning. Calculators and some headphones have been ordered and distributed. Currently collecting needs for classroom headphones.
  • In Progress (1/2021)

Special Education Device Expansion

  • Provide iPads and Chromebooks for use in special education classrooms.
  • In Progress (5/2021)

Phone Upgrades

  • Replace end-of-life handsets and purchase call manager support.
  • In Progress (5/2021)

District Projector Replacement

  • Replace end-of-life projectors throughout the district with an interactive solution.
  • In Progress (8/2021)
Security Upgrades


Security Upgrades (District Radios)

  • Deploy handheld campus radios and construct towers for districtwide communication.
  • In Progress (6/2021)

Security Upgrades (Security Cameras)

  • Upgrade district security camera platform and replace old and end-of-life cameras.
  • In Progress (Fall 2021)

Technology Assessments

  • True North Technology, Connectivity, and Cybersecurity assessments.
  • In Progress (Spring 2021)